GP PAPS v2.5 LUX - User Review

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GP PAPS v2.5 LUX - User Review
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Having 'obtained' it in the 1st batch and since playing with it 24/7 (incidentally my Serial# is 0247), I find the GP-LUX miles ahead in concept and design. Both minimalist and simplistic (Perseas says, «less is more»), however manufactured to the highest efficiencies and offers unbeatable performance.
The GP PAPS v2.5 LUX

Lets' take the TUBE. It is a fresh introduction… Aluminium-Bronze. Rock solid, tougher than brass and 4 x times expensive than SS. And man, it's a head turner. At hand it feels more like Gold, definitely dazzles like one! There'd be patina? Yes. But, much later than brass. And we have discussed re-shining it back somewhere earlier here already.

The HEAD and SWITCH. Made of certified EU 316SS. Higher grade than the previous v2.1, which was 304SS. And they r polished finish (shiny). Together they offer contrasting hues to the device, the body being Golden! Thus, we have an inherent 2-tone device already!

The CONTACT POINTS. Telescopic head, obviously, who makes otherwise nowadays? But 24K Gold over Silver plated? Nah, not many! And this 24K Gold/Silver is all over — the positive contact point, the bottom (negative) rest-nut and the telescopic post. This entire arrangement gives «conductivity» a new meaning. Though I may not be an efficient techie — yet my multimeter suggested a mere 0.1-0.15v voltage drop without load, while it's consistently <0.2v with a 1.1-1.2Ω atty.

The FIRING BUTTON. It's pointless to talk about the GP-LUX without describing it's new designed, innovative button! Hereon all PAPS shall adorn this refreshed button until Perseas comes up with something better. This is a rocker! Yes the LUX stands while being unlocked! GP created 4 ridges of 1mm height on the bottom of the locking ring, which enables the PAPS to stand upright without the need of being locked. And while talking of the advantages of this button design — the PAPS firing button has even lesser travel now. It performs at nearly '0' pressure… it's a mere 1mm plunger… and thus akin to touch button!

The LOCK RING. The design dept. of GP has another feather in their cap with this locking ring. The ring works super smoothly, locks/unlocks the switch just with a flick of the finger. Yes, one single flick rotates the ring into a full 360° turn, which is enough to do the job.

The THREADS. All threads of the LUX and it's switch mechanism are calibrated. It's at 0.05 tolerance. So, the new v2.5 switches will be interoperable with all earlier versions of the PAPS, especially the v2.1. However, the new tubes wouldn't, with an earlier switch. The grooves are the best machined in a device as of now. Everything couples-in buttery smooth, effortlessly.

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Naughty… but very adorable — and coming in the smallest of packaging! Yes, the GP Spheroid is a wonderful sly gadget that could trigger your senses in vape nuances which had never been touched before.

I had been enjoying it for 3-hrs. straight. Went thru 3-4 tanks full… and found a different meaning to my vape experience… a pleasure I didn't understand before. My e-juices became tastier, my draws became subtle & full, I consumed less juice and the vape was aromatic.

Coiled at 1.1Ω, changed an 18350 in between, the quality of vape remained constantly superior. Halfway thru my first tank I also understood that I had to cut back my nic content. Something akin to what I felt while dripping… 24mg (my go by strength) gets intolerable and needed dilution. Thus, added a 12mg juice, which I keep standby, to make it a more suave 16-18mg… and voilà — things turned smooth as a vanilla shake.

The Spheroid also 'drinks' less, as I found out. There's some sort of trickery involved inside which makes a tank last longer. Having been with Gennys for long I guess I had overlooked that side of the vape theory. Gennys are drunkards. While the Spheroid, much like the Clearos (something I have never used) and Cartos (my erstwhile attys) is thrifty on e-juices… though delivering the pleasures of a RBA.

Overall, this is my first experience with anything other than a Genesis Atomizer or a Carto-Tank, and I figure that I'd have missed another side of vaping if I hadn't gotten the GP Spheroid. This li'l atomizer makes a rich and fulfilling vape experience… and I'm dead sold!

Thank you Perseas for making this happen
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