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Vapor Flask V2 clone by SXK
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Its been a little while since I made an initial impressions thread, but since the V2 Vapor Flask clones are finally in circulation, and with the coming of the V3 40W Temperature Protected clones starting to ship I thought it would be a good idea.

Initially I was put off by any SXK electronics due to the rollcoaster ride of the DNA Zero clones, but offered to send me the V2 Flask for review so I accepted. This is not a review, its just my early thoughts regarding what I received.

So the V2 Flask clone I received is SXK and for the most part I like it a lot. I am in love with the finish of it, from the way that it looks, but most especially the tactile feel of it. Its also a lot smaller than I would have expected.

Finish is flaweless, it is so buttery smooth feeling in the hand, yet it is not slippery. No gaps or irregularities in the top plate, usb port is straight, 510 connection is totally on point. My ONE issue is that the battery slots are a little too tight. Once I put my Samsung's in it I could not get them back out. So its like a permanent battery install which I am not really happy about it. The good news is that the batteries I put in it are brand new, so they will last a long while… but I am also forced into USB charging only.

Been vaping it for 24 hours now and I can already tell that this is going to run for at least 2 or 3 days before I need to recharge.

Variable Voltage Mods: Vapor Flask V2 clone by SXK

This is the same chip that was in the V1 and V2 Yosen DNA Zero but… I think they have tweaked this chip for the SXK Flask because there are still some differences. First the bad, the firing delay is longer than both the V1 and V2 version… approx 4 seconds. The only way around it is to click the fire button 3x… YES 3X, not 2x. It still has the other «cloneish» quirks as well, like «screen steal» mode o_O

As far as actual power delivery, this one feels better than both the V1 and V2 chip IMO… not as punchy as the V1, but also not as flat as the V2, its in the middle of these for me. The chips reads resistance .1 below my SXmini and SX Zero.

It definitely puts out 30W, in fact it does slightly more. I did quickly meter it with my inline and with 1.7 at 30W/7.1v display, actual output was 7.34v on my inline meter. At 10W/4.1v display, actual output was 4.17v.

The V3 40W Temperature Protected Flask clones are coming, and I am getting both the Kangxin 40W TP and the Waidea 40W TP. The Kangxin is supposed to ship on Monday via DHL, so if it goes as scheduled I should have it by the end of next week. The Waidea Times version I will not have until next month even as I ordered the sample back in November


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