King Of Clouds Organic Cotton wicking material Review by VapnFagan

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When i received the «stuff» i honestly thought about not even doing a review on it and just tossing it in the trash. I thought to myself though, As a reviewer i will come across items like this that may be bad/dangerous/harmful to people and the right thing to do is review it and inform everyone that the product is bad and more then likely very harmful. Not every product i review is going to be a thumbs up with 5 stars. Also, The reason i wanted to review it is because i did not want this stuff to spread into the vaping community seeing that it could be possibly dangerous to use.


I know i don't have FACTS for everyone, I wish i could give everyone a exact answer as to what it is but at the moment i cant.

I am holding onto the cotton and i will be sending it in to someone to see if they can give me a answer to what this mystery material really is. Some say it could be cotton with some type of coating on it but its advertised as «natural, No chemicals, etc» but even if it had a coating, I still can honestly say that this is not 100% pure cotton. Judging by my tests and using it, I would strongly suggest to stay away from it.

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Once i know more and find out exactly what it is, I will update my channel to inform everyone.


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