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Archimedes (278 B.C – 212 B.C.), was one of antiquity’s greatest scientists and engineers. When he visited Egypt, he devised the atermon (“endless”) screw (or helix) in order to help peasants draw water from the Nile. The atermon consisted of a helical surface surrounding a central cylindrical shaft, fitted inside a hollow tube. The device was placed at a 30o angle in the river and the water was pumped by turning the screw and collecting the water from the top. Soon after, the atermon’s use expanded all over the world and is still in use today.

This particular invention by Archimedes was for us the main inspiration for our new mod, “ATERMON”. It was the result of our quest for something unique – like all our products – and something that would allow us to avoid the nowadays usual trap of simply altering an existing device’s look and feel without actually creating something truly new. Our main goal was to create a discreet mod which could be easily integrated with almost all mod batteries currently available and with every type of atomizer, without the otherwise tedious requirement for adjustments or the addition of sleeves and springs. We also wanted for this mod to have a top side button which would not require frequent and difficult cleaning by the user.

We paid particular attention to design, material selection, and manufacturing precision, as the allowable deviations must be practically nil in order to allow the various subsystems to work together smoothly. The result of this team effort is a 304L stainless steel mod, with a choice of 22 or 23 mm diameter. Design-wise, we retained our discreet motif (similar to Tapas, Grail, DiverV2 and Eviva RTA) and we focused our attention to its rich internal world…

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Internally and at the base of the ATERMON, there is an atermon screw fitted inside a precisely machined sleeve and a closed-type bearing that allows feather-like adjustment through an external ring (in the future we will also create an alternate version).

On the top side, the central divisible and movable pin is made of pure copper for maximum conductivity and is coated with appropriate materials in order to avoid the usual black spots at the contact points and the need for frequent cleaning. In particular, the pin’s upper side has been coated with rhodium (rhodium being four times harder than gold and with relatively good conductivity) to afford better resistance to wear from friction due to screwing the atomizer, while the bottom side of the pin is gold plated for maximum conductivity. Finally, it is made so that it allows easy movement to allow for plenty of “clean” contact spots until then next time it is cleaned.

The movable central pin, in conjunction with the vertical movement of the endless screw, will close the circuit providing electrical current for almost any battery/atomizer combination, doing away with the need for tedious micro-adjustments.
The horizontal type button is also made of pure, gold-plated copper. It is located on the upper side and has been designed in a way that allows maximum durability and ease of disassembly.
Finally, the upper module allows vertical air supply to the atomizer and comprises an air regulator and a 0.5ml collector tank.

In its basic edition, it is offered with 18650 tube, a Vape2Safe fuse, a practical carrying case, spare button spring and set of o-rings.

Height 100.4mm — Weight 110gr (22mm) and 135gr (23mm)
Power losses ~0.12V with Efest purple battery and 1.2ohm resistance

Pls remember:
  • If you want to unscrew your atomizer or lock the mod, unscrew first the Atermon clockwise
  • Adjust the Atermon to the desired position avoiding excessive pressure
  • Never put in the water the Atermon’s bottom part (it has a bearing inside)
  • To clean the contacts use a soft cloth

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