Naughty… but very adorable — and coming in the smallest of packaging! Yes, the GP Spheroid is a wonderful sly gadget that could trigger your senses in vape nuances which had never been touched before.

I had been enjoying it for 3-hrs. straight. Went thru 3-4 tanks full… and found a different meaning to my vape experience… a pleasure I didn't understand before. My e-juices became tastier, my draws became subtle & full, I consumed less juice and the vape was aromatic.

Coiled at 1.1Ω, changed an 18350 in between, the quality of vape remained constantly superior. Halfway thru my first tank I also understood that I had to cut back my nic content. Something akin to what I felt while dripping… 24mg (my go by strength) gets intolerable and needed dilution. Thus, added a 12mg juice, which I keep standby, to make it a more suave 16-18mg… and voilà — things turned smooth as a vanilla shake.

The Spheroid also 'drinks' less, as I found out. There's some sort of trickery involved inside which makes a tank last longer. Having been with Gennys for long I guess I had overlooked that side of the vape theory. Gennys are drunkards. While the Spheroid, much like the Clearos (something I have never used) and Cartos (my erstwhile attys) is thrifty on e-juices… though delivering the pleasures of a RBA.

Overall, this is my first experience with anything other than a Genesis Atomizer or a Carto-Tank, and I figure that I'd have missed another side of vaping if I hadn't gotten the GP Spheroid. This li'l atomizer makes a rich and fulfilling vape experience… and I'm dead sold!

Thank you Perseas for making this happen